Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Northrop Grumman: Innovating with Orbital

Dr. Stephen Leeb, Ph.D. Founder and Research Chairman, Leeb Group Northrop Grumman (NOC), a holding in our model growth portfolio, has completed more than two quarters since its June 2018 acquisition of Orbital ATK, which was renamed Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (IS) once it began operating as a...

Blackrock’s Aladdin Adds Artificial Intelligence to Wealth Management

Blackrock (BLK), the world’s largest and more diverse investment manager; the firm has chalked up exceptional growth in two areas — wealth management and in the use of big data to monitor portfolios, an area where it has become dominant, asserts Stephen Leeb, editor of The Complete...

IQVIA Holdings: A Database for Healthcare

Dr. Stephen Leeb Founder and Research Chairman, Leeb Group IQVIA Holdings (IQV) is one of the largest global providers of data and services to the health care industry, explains industry-leading growth stock expert Stephen Leeb, editor of The Complete Investor. With a healthcare database that far exceeds the storage capacity of...

Alibaba and Tencent: Better than the FANGs?

We sold Google (GOOGL) in December and are now selling Amazon (AMZN) and Facebook (FB); we're now FANG-free, asserts Stephen Leeb, editor of The Complete Investor. However, we’re happy to continue to recommend two other internet giants. Each is growing faster than the FANG stocks and is more modestly valued than Amazon. Neither faces...

Parnassus Core: A Top Fund for a Market Downturn

Stephen Leeb Founder and Research Chairman, Leeb Group When we recommended large-blend Parnassus Core Equity Fund (PRBLX) a year ago, what stood out most was its impressive 10-year record, which far outshone that of most of its peers, asserts growth and income expert Stephen Leeb, editor of The Compete Investor. The...

Private Equity Eyes China

Stephen Leeb Founder and Research Chairman, Leeb Group Some US companies have the right stuff when it comes to setting up shop in China, asserts Stephen Leeb, editor of The Complete Investor. Two such two picks are premier private equity companies, Blackstone Group (BX) and The Carlyle Group (CG).  Both have deep long-term relationships within...

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Invest in all things Gold, from Gold Bullion to Gold Mutual Funds and ETFs - King World News Exclusive Interview with Dr. Stephen Leeb


Stephen Leeb is a prolific author, investment adviser, and money manager who has been analyzing financial markets for more than 40 years. He is known for his prescience in connecting the dots among hidden or overlooked trends – macroeconomic, scientific, and geopolitical – and accurately describing the investment implications, often going against the conventional wisdom. He is the author of nine books on investing and geopolitical trends including his most recent book, China’s Rise and the New Age of Gold: How Investors Can Profit from a Changing World (2020, McGraw-Hill Education). He is founder and editor of the award-winning investment letter The Complete Investor, published by Capitol Information Group, a Washington, D.C.-based financial publisher. Stephen is chief investment officer of his own wealth management firm based in New York City.

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Financial investing expert, Stephen Leeb, explains that gold has been a continuously top-performing commodity and will continue to perform well in the future.

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Vanguard recently ran a multipage ad in The New York Times that stood out for me for being simultaneously striking and completely unremarkable. In...

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China’s growing role in the global economy is showing no sign of retreat. Indeed, recent events have only increased China’s influence—to the point where...