Treasure Trove Discovered In Alaska

This might sound weird, but hear me out…

Because there’s a strange new road being built in Alaska that could make you a lot of money.

It’s 211 miles long and is going to cost $430 million. About $2 million per mile.

But the odd thing is that this road literally goes nowhere.

Take a look…

$34 Billion Treasure Trove Discovered North of Arctic Circle

The nearest town is 168 miles away.

It’s not going to a river… or to an airport.

No, this road is heading straight to a massive deposit of a substance that is critical to our way of life.

It’s not gold, silver, platinum, or lithium. It’s not one of those strange rare earth metals, either.

It’s more important than any of them.

Without it, we’d have no smartphones, TVs, or air conditioning. Or microwaves. Or even Wi-fi.

We also need this resource for airplanes, trains, cars, trucks, and ships, too.

In fact, the world needs 24 million tons of this crucial material a year to just keep everything humming.

Since the dawn of civilization, people have relied on it to make their lives better.

The ancient Egyptians performed medical operations with it.

Moses used it to cure deadly snake bites. (It’s in the Bible, in Numbers 21:4-9.)

In 480 BC, Greek soldiers used its remarkable powers to sink the Persian fleet and save their country.

Paul Revere relied on it to help the Patriots win the American Revolution.

Thomas Edison needed it for his most important inventions, including the telephone. (He was so desperate for the stuff, he dug a mine for it right on the grounds of his New Jersey office park.)

Henry Ford couldn’t have made his first Model T without it, let alone roll millions more off the assembly line.

And We’re Still Finding New Uses for this
Miracle Metal Today…

IBM uses it to create the world’s fastest computer chips.

Hospitals use it to kill 99.9% of deadly MRSA “superbugs.”

The National Security Agency wraps its buildings in it, to protect its spies from snooping.

It’s a crucial part of the Global Positioning System, the backbone of worldwide commerce and navigation.

It’s all over your house, in your refrigerator, your washing machine, your hairdryer… you name it.

Your own car contains a staggering 50 pounds of this wonder stuff.

And new cars are going to need even more — about 180 pounds each.

That’s why every major car maker is scrambling to secure supplies. Because as you’ll see in a minute, they’re going to need a whole lot of it to survive.

And that’s a problem, because most miners are having trouble just maintaining current production levels.

Meanwhile, it’s getting harder and harder to find new deposits.

The low-hanging fruit was plucked years ago.

Old mines are running dry… and 4% of the world’s production capacity falls off the table each year.

And the few new mines being developed are nowhere near as rich as existing ones.

A graph of ore grades — the amount of metal you get from every ton of ore — looks like a playground slide. They have been dropping for years.

$34 Billion Treasure Trove Discovered North of Arctic Circle

According to Mining Intelligence, the average ore grade of projects now being developed is 26% below today’s producing mines.

Which means instead of getting $1 of this metal out of every ton of ore… you only get 74 cents worth. So you have to mine 35% MORE to get the same amount.

That means 35% more labor, 35% more electricity, 35% more gas, 35% more equipment, 35% more trucks to move it all.

Which makes it all more expensive….

For the miner. For the carmakers. And ultimately for all of us…

Because it is in just about every modern convenience we use.

Every year for the past decade, the world has gobbled up more and more.

The consumption chart looks like a staircase…

$34 Billion Treasure Trove Discovered North of Arctic Circle

Last year, the world consumed 25 million tons of the stuff… but produced just 21 million.

We made up the difference by recycling and dipping into rainy-day reserves.

The reserves sitting in the London Metals Exchange have plunged by more than 70% and are at their lowest levels in almost 15 years.

Right now, the entire world is running on a one-day supply, held in warehouses around the globe.

And demand isn’t letting up anytime soon…

By 2027, the world will be soaking up almost 30 million tons a year.

And by the year after that, the economic forecasting firm Wood Mackenzie predicts we will be 10 million tons short. That’s 10x the annual production of the world’s biggest mine.

At that rate, the world’s known reserves will be 100% depleted long before we run out of oil, coal, natural gas, or uranium.

You don’t need a PhD in economics to figure out that when the supply of something we NEED for thousands of life’s necessities is shrinking…

And demand is exploding…

That prices are going to SOAR.

$34 Billion Treasure Trove Discovered North of Arctic Circle

So it’s pretty clear why this “road to nowhere” actually makes sense: 

Because it’s heading straight to more than four million tons of this desperately-needed metal.

Outside of the violent and war-torn Congo, there is no other place on earth where it exists in such rich quantities.

And one small company is sitting on the motherlode of it all.

Enough to Last America for Years

It has exclusive mining rights to 350,000 acres packed with so much of this miracle metal that it could supply every buyer in the United States for the next three years.

It’s worth $26.8 billion at current prices. No one else can touch it. And it’s right on U.S. soil.

So there’s no worries of war, corruption, or any of the countless other roadblocks that miners run into abroad.

No threat of crushing new taxes, tariffs, or trade wars. No negotiating with foreign countries… every single ounce is pure American profit.

As a bonus, the company has found another $3.9 billion in zinc, $1.4 billion in gold, $1.3 billion in silver, and $530 million in lead.

Add it all up and this tiny company is sitting on a $33.9 billion treasure trove.

And the truth is… this is such a resource-rich area that there could be billions more hiding just under the permafrost.

Of course, it’s going to cost a lot to dig it all up. But even accounting for all future expenses, an independent analyst has determined the project is worth nearly $2 billion. Right now, in today’s dollars.

Meanwhile, the company has a market cap of just $240 million — a massive discount to its underlying worth.

Translation: This stock should be trading for 8x as much.

So what’s going on here? Why is an asset worth $2 billion going for $240 million?

After all, this is no secret in mining circles. Geologists have known about these massive deposits since 1958. They’ve helicoptered in and out since the 1980s, drilling boreholes and taking samples.

$34 Billion Treasure Trove Discovered North of Arctic Circle

The most recent appraisal shows that there is $34 billion is up for grabs, just sitting there for the taking.

We know exactly where it is and exactly how much it’s worth… there’s just one big problem…

No one can get to it… because there is no road in or out.

And I don’t care how much treasure you have sitting in the ground, it’s worthless unless you can bring it to a buyer.

And that’s why such a remarkable company has gone unnoticed for so long — and why Wall Street is ignoring its stock.

But that’s all about to change…

Are you curious yet? My next post reveals this miracle metal and the company behind the treasure trove discovered…

$34 Billion Treasure Trove Discovered North of Arctic Circle

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