The ‘Road To Nowhere’ Takes You To A Massive Mining Strike In Alaska

After five years of prep work, endless meetings, legal wrangling, and multiple permit applications, the wheels are finally in motion to start building a 211-mile road to unlock this trapped wealth and bring it to the outside world.

And it gives you the chance to turn $10,000 into $266,300. I’ll explain that number in a minute.

Things are moving quickly here…

Official Approval: On July 23, 2020, the Bureau of Land Management gave the road its “OK” — which was critical because 18 miles of it will run through BLM land.
Massive Mining Strike In Alaska Assured To Make Investors Very Rich
‘Road To Nowhere’

That was the seventh and final step of a laborious permitting process lasting five years.

Now, the engineers can finally lay out the details and construction can kick off.

Anything could happen, of course, but I think this road is pretty much inevitable, for six reasons:

  1. Alaska’s development authorities (AIDEA) desperately want this road for the 2,700 jobs it will create in a region with high unemployment. So they are big boosters of this road.
  2. AIDEA has successfully done this before, when it opened up a road to the nearby Red Dog mine. Red Dog is now the largest zinc mine in the world, producing 10% of the world’s new zinc every year.
  3. Alaska is a pro-development state. Mining is its #1 revenue generator after oil and this project will generate $1.1 billion in tax revenues over its lifetime.
  4. Governor Mike Dunleavy is a fan of the project. He is married to a woman from a village in the area, and all three of their children have worked at the nearby Red Dog mine.
  5. It won’t cost taxpayers a cent. In fact, this historic project will actually generate $34 million a year in tolls for the state, all paid for by the mining companies that use the road. So there won’t be any blowback from citizens worried about footing the bill.
  6. Finally, the U.S. Congress itself has gone on record supporting a road in this area of Alaska. It’s in public law 96-487:
Massive Mining Strike In Alaska Assured To Make Investors Very Rich

Now that all the permitting is behind them, I think they’ll move fast on this project.

In a few months, they are launching an ambitious new drilling, metallurgy, and engineering project. It will cost $23 million and kicked off Spring of 2021.

But I wouldn’t wait to make your move. Because like any project this monumental…

Word is bound to leak out. And when it does, people are going to jump all over this opportunity.

Smart Investors Are Going to Get Rich

I mean think about it… one simple gravel road is about to unlock an incredible amount of wealth.

And while anything could happen, we think smart investors are going to get rich.

Because there are too many powerful forces pushing in the same direction on this. And too much profit sitting there for the taking.

The governor of Alaska wants it. Congress is on record supporting it. The locals are desperate for the high-paying jobs. There won’t be any taxes or cost to anyone in Alaska so no one should object on those grounds.

Plus, this mining strike lies within the arctic circle (located on Alaskan soil) so there’s no geopolitical risk.

Massive Mining Strike In Alaska Assured To Make Investors Very Rich

A Miracle Metal In The Making

Bottom line, this mining strike isn’t in the Democratic Republic of the Congo — the road will be built.

And when it is, it will open up a massive new supply of the most important metal on earth: COPPER.

Yes, copper. The first metal man ever used.

Copper is the most important metal on earth because it’s the most useful metal on earth.

It has been making our lives better for more than 10,000 years.

There’s nothing else quite like it…

It is malleable and ductile. It conducts heat and electricity like a charm. It is indispensable in electronics, construction, and medicine.

And it’s virtually indestructible…

The copper plumbing inside the Pyramid of Cheops still works after more than 5,000 years.

Over 300 generations of humanity have used it for everything from simple tools to putting man on the moon.

It’s also the only metal the world needs more of every year.

So that’s why this new road is going up. Plain and simple.

It’s almost guaranteed to make a few smart investors rich… and you can do so by investing in one stock.

The beauty of this situation is that you can make a lot of money before they even break ground on the road.

Because as soon as word gets out that the road is going through, Wall Street analysts are going to be tripping over themselves to green light this tiny stock.

Currently selling for approximately $2 per share, it could easily double, jumping to $4 in a flash.

And if inflation ticks up, the value of the metal in the ground will skyrocket.

Every 1¢ Move in Copper Adds $89 Million to this Treasure Trove

That’s how massive this discovery is.

Every single penny that the price of copper moves up adds $89 million to the value of these deposits.

Let’s run a few numbers to show you what this could mean…

For example, if copper was trading at $3.00 per pound and it increased to $3.30 per pound, this company will be sitting on an extra $2.7 billion in bonus wealth.
If copper revisits a recent high of reaching $4.65 per pound, the value of this company’s copper will hit almost $42 billion. That exceeds the market cap of 95% of the stocks in America.

But that could be just the beginning…

Stay tuned for my next post where I reveal the mining company’s stock ‘ticker’ symbol…

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