2022 Investment Outlook

2022 Investment Outlook For Serious Investors

Let me introduce myself…

I’m Dr. Stephen Leeb.
If I look familiar, maybe you’ve seen me on CNN, ABC, Fox Business, or Bloomberg TV.
For the past 44 years, I’ve run a boutique money management firm in Manhattan, catering to high net-worth individuals.
Along the way, I’ve written nine books… each one predicting a major turn in the markets.
2022 Investment Outlook For Serious Investors

In the late ’80s, I released Getting in on the Ground Floor, predicting the biggest bull run in stock market history…

The Dow couldn’t break 1,000 at that point… but I called for “Dow 4,000.”

All the so-called experts thought I was crazy.

But as we all know… the Dow raced up to 10,000 right before the dot-com bubble.

I was on top of that, too. In 1999, I wrote Defying the Market, calling the Tech Crash… a year before it happened.

And by 2006, I already saw the subprime mortgage crisis coming…

In my book The Coming Economic Collapse, I stated that we would see “the vicious circle to end all vicious circles…. Interest rates would likely fall to zero. Government spending would need to reach unimaginably high levels.”

All of which actually happened after the 2008 Great Financial Crisis.

But it’s in commodities and natural resources that I’ve really made my mark.

In my 2005 bestseller, The Oil Factor, I went on record predicting the price of oil would eclipse $150 a barrel.

That was considered absurd in those days. I mean, people were filling up on regular for less than $2 a gallon.

Again, the “experts” laughed me out of the room.

But when oil hit $156 a barrel, they shut up pretty fast.

Then, in my 2012 book Red Alert, I warned of a coming shortage in graphite… and in the following months, prices surged from $1,000 per flake to over $2,500 per flake.

I’m telling you all this so you understand that everything I’ve laid out here today about this situation in Alaska is coming from someone who has made his living on predictions like this for more than 40 years…

I’ve seen firsthand what happens to copper stocks in a bull market.

In Red Alert, I sounded the alarm about how the declining quality of copper ore would mean more work and higher costs for miners…

All of which would eventually show up in rising copper prices.

And again, that’s exactly what happened.

Copper went from about $1.50 to $4.50 a pound… and copper stocks blasted off.

Imperial Metals, for example, surged an astounding 1,114%.

Now… because our copper road stock is an early-stage exploration company highly leveraged to copper prices, the potential here is even greater.

2022 Investment Outlook For Serious Investors

It’s all laid out in 211 Miles to $34 Billion: How to Turn $10,000 into $266,300 on Alaska’s Copper Road.

This report isn’t for sale at any price.

Instead, I’d like to send it to you at no charge as an ideal introduction to my Real World Investing advisory service.

As you’ll see immediately, there’s nothing fancy about how we make money here. It’s basic Economics 101.

When people are clamoring for something and there isn’t enough to go around, you’re being handed a gift-wrapped profit opportunity.

It’s the Best Spot an Investor Can Be In

There’s no stronger position you can be in as an investor than on the selling end of a market that’s desperate for your product…

Supplying people with the critical resources they need to survive: oil, coal, zinc, silver, natural gas, and most dependably of all, copper.

As long as the world keeps growing and people keep having babies, there will always be demand for these raw materials.

It’s all about profiting from scarcity.

Once you burn a barrel of oil or a ton of coal, it’s gone forever. No one else can come along and make more.

Meanwhile, every year 140 million new people are born who need to be fed and sheltered.

All while supplies of virtually every natural resource the world needs are shrinking.

Most people have no idea how close we are to running out of many critical resources.

For example, if we keep using silver at the same rate we’re consuming it today, the world’s known supply will be gone in nine years.

Lead will be gone in eight years.

Indium, which, like copper, is crucial in electronics, will be gone in four years.

This isn’t just theoretical textbook stuff I’m talking about here.

It is making people real money… and you can see it happening right now…

If you look at the biggest movers in the stock market, you’ll see that a huge number have the scarcity angle working for them.

Remarkably, 196 North American precious metals miners have jumped by at least 100% in the past 12 months.

That’s 13% of the lot… which is pretty remarkable considering only 3.4% of stocks in general did that well.

So even if you picked mining stocks at random, you were almost 4 times more likely to double your money as other investors were.

That’s just one more reason why I’m convinced that investing in the right miners now will make you more money in the coming decade than you’ll make anywhere else.

I’m not just talking about stocks that outpace the market by a point or two. In Real World Investing, we dig deep for real life-changers. They’re out there, in droves.

Look at how these mining stocks have moved in just the past 12 months:

  • ZNext Mining is up 79,900%
  • Elray Resources is up 29,900%
  • Northern Star Mining is up 19,900%
  • Palayan Resources is up 12,800%
  • International Gold Resources is up 8,900%
  • Veris Gold is up 4,600%
  • QcX Gold is up 4,150%
  • Alice Consolidated Mines is up 3,400%
  • De Grey Mining is up 2,261%
  • Vindicator Silver Lead Mining is up 1,411%
  • Aura Minerals is up 1,340%
  • Freegold Ventures is up 1,288%
  • Hunter Creek is up 1,264%
  • Chalice Gold Mines is up 1,043%
  • Greatland Gold is up 996%

But those gains are behind us. Looking ahead, I believe the copper road stock has just as much upside as any of these.

You’ll see why in 211 Miles to $34 Billion… and I’d like to send you a FREE copy today when you take a look at my Real World Investing advisory service. Give me the word and you’ll be getting all this, starting today:

Weekly intelligence reports — I send a streamlined briefing each week recapping the latest developments, what actions to take, and how to profit from them.

2022 Investment Outlook For Serious Investors

24/7 access to my private website — You will get a password to my members-only site. It’s your one-stop hub for all my timely alerts… special market updates… and any other news or updates that could hand you even more profits…. Plus a full archive of all previously published content and advice. No matter where you are or what time it is, you will always have access to my latest move.

flash alert

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2022 Investment Outlook For Serious Investors

Unlimited access to my entire portfolio — Anytime you want to check the price of our stocks, simply log on and you’ll see prices for all our picks. Plus up-to-the-minute buy, hold, and sell advice for every position.

Access to my team (a subscriber favorite) — You’ll get personal attention from my team and me. If you ever have a question or a comment about one of our recommendations, just post it to our Stock Talk message boards, and we’ll be sure to get back to you. (Sorry, we can’t answer questions about your individual investing situation.)

Now, you may be wondering… how much does all this cost?

That’s the best part.

The regular price for Real World Investing is $2,495 a year.

Considering the copper road opportunity I’m going give you today could turn $10,000 into $266,300, that’s a drop in the bucket.

However, if you’re one of the first 500 people to get back to me today, I’ve got a better deal for you.

Instead of paying $2,495 for one year…

You can join for only $1,495.

My Next 500 Members Get $1,000 Off

That’s right… if you’re one of the first 500 people to grab this one-time offer… you’ll receive $1,000 off the regular price.

And the moment you agree to give it a try, you’ll get immediate access to the special report detailing the remarkable opportunity in Alaska.

You’ll also have access to every single recommendation I’ve made — and will be making — in Real World Investing… including a handful of picks that are on the verge of major breakouts.

I am so confident that you’ll make money with us that I’m guaranteeing it.

In fact, if you don’t see the opportunity to double your money over the next 12 months…

Simply give us a call and let us know. And we’ll give you an additional year of service on the house.

So go ahead and give Real World Investing a try. Just click on the button below. And – at a minimum – take a look at my research on the situation in Alaska before the week is out.

All of the information I give you – including your copy of 211 Miles to $34 Billion and all of my official “BUY” recommendations – are yours immediately.

But I Need to Hear from You Soon…

The road has just passed muster with the Bureau of Land Management, completing the seventh and final step of the permitting process.

All the engineers have to do now is lay out the road and then the bulldozers can come in.

The next field season begins in a few months… and this Spring, the company is spending $23 million to nail down the details of where to drill first.

But this tiny stock could move well before then.

In fact, the breakout could happen any day now, and when it does, this stock could go vertical

So if you are at all interested don’t put it off. Don’t watch this stock soar without you.

The moment I hear from you, you’ll get all the details on this unique situation.

You’ll get the name of the company, its stock symbol, and detailed instructions on how to buy it for a small fraction of its real value.

And you’ll see one scenario that would skyrocket this sub-$2 stock all the way to past $44… possibly before the end of 2021.

That’s enough to turn 1,000 shares into $44,000… and every $10,000 you invest into a $266,300 cash windfall.

Of course, to maximize your returns, you need to get in ASAP.

So I encourage you move on this today…

All the details on this company are yours the minute you give me the word.

Don’t sit on this… get in now while the stock’s still so cheap you can pick up a thousand shares for less than $2,000.

We could be in for a wild ride, but the upside here is staggering.

Click the button and get started now.

2022 Investment Outlook For Serious Investors

Stephen Leeb, PhD
Chief Investment Strategist
Real World Investing

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