Climate Change Debunked

You read the title correctly… Green Foolery. Because you’d have to be a fool to believe the planet will be running on ‘green’ energy and totally carbon-free by the year 2050.

The mission statement of modern day climate activists is undoubtedly valiant:

Save the planet! Blacklist fossil fuels. Zero carbon initiative.

Go Green… Foolery.

I’m not sure if climate change has become a cult religion or just a byproduct of fake news and global-scale brainwashing.

Two decades ago, it was global warming. Now the adage has fluxed into a more culturally correct term, climate change. (Don’t tell Al Gore, it might hurt his feelings).

Mother Earth’s Volcanic Impact

Before we dive into the brass tacks of Green Foolery, just for fun let’s consider some hard scientific facts. For example, some geologists hypothesize that 250 million years ago, an extensive flood of lava poured continually from the ground in Siberia, perhaps for hundreds of thousands of years. This large-scale, long-lasting eruption likely raised global temperatures enough to cause one of the worst extinction events in our planet’s history.

Green Foolery: Climate Change Debunked
In this photo, volcanic gasses and steam rise from Mount Merapi, Indonesia, on May 20, 2012
Creative Commons license by Jimmy McIntyre.

On the flip side, rather than warming the global climate, volcanic eruptions often have the opposite effect. Why? Carbon dioxide isn’t the only thing that volcanoes inject into the atmosphere. Even small eruptions often produce volcanic ash and aerosol particles.

Green Foolery: Climate Change Debunked
Photo courtesy NASA JSC’s Gateway to Astronaut Photography of the Earth.

Taken by astronauts from the Space Shuttle in early August 1991, this photo of the Earth’s limb shows the double layer of volcanic aerosol particles that spread through the stratosphere following the catastrophic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Encircling the globe at altitudes even higher than the tops of thunderstorm clouds, the particles reflected so much incoming sunlight that global surface temperatures cooled off for two years.

Whether from small or large eruptions, volcanic aerosols reflect sunlight back into space, cooling global climate. The 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora produced enough ash and aerosols to cancel summer in Europe and North America in 1816.

Now that we have considered these noteworthy facts about planet earth’s ancient volcanoes and the stratospheric effects of mother nature… Let’s circle back to what our scientists actually know about recorded climate change.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

If you could take a wild guess… How many major climate changes have occurred on this planet in the past 4.5 billion years?

The first recorded global thermometer measurements of surface temperatures on Earth only date back to 1880, which equates to a mere 142 years of recorded climate awareness. Even if you factor in scientific ‘proxies’ that can measure variations of temperature changes derived from oceanic deposits of ancient seashells to the rings of prehistoric petrified wood, you can still only conjure an educated guess.

If you factor the 142 years we have been recording global surface temperatures on this planet and divide it by 4,500,000,000 years (estimated age of the Earth’s existence) you come up with 0.000003%. In other words, this percentage is a sliver of an infinitesimal slice of what we know about climate change here on Mother Earth.

Scientists have discovered largely predictable changes in Earth’s orbit that affect the global climate and are not influenced by modern day industrial activity nor carbon emissions. These factors affect climate by changing the distribution of incoming solar energy on Earth’s surface, which include: 

Eccentricity (changes in Earth’s orbit around the Sun)

Obliquity (changes in the tilt of Earth’s axis)

Precession (wobbling of Earth’s axis of rotation)

Mother Earth’s Deep Freeze

During the time period known as the Pleistocene Epoch, this ice age began roughly 2.6 million years ago and lasted until 11,000 years ago. Similar to all the previous glacial epochs, the most recent ice age brought a plethora of glacial advances and retreats.

Green Foolery: Climate Change Debunked depiction of ice age glaciation circa 19,000 B.C.

In fact, we are technically still in an ice age!

The interglacial (warming) period we are currently experiencing began about 10,000 years ago with the recession of major ice sheets and glaciers that covered much of North America and Eurasia.

Thanks to the cozy and warm decamillennium interglacial period which has allowed mankind to flourish… When might the next deep freeze occur? Scientists can only make predictions, although atmospheric carbon dioxide levels serve as a key indicator of what could spark the next epoch. Carbon dioxide levels exceeding 300 parts per million (due to the gas’s heat-retention ability) is strong enough to overwhelm more subtle climate sub-cycles.

Today, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels now exceed 400 parts per million. By now, you are probably wondering what these levels imply. Carbon dioxide is a long-lived gas, and levels that high may very well persist for thousands of years. In other words, carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses are defending the planet against the advance of another ice age. Contrary to popular belief, apparently global warming and greenhouse gasses aren’t so bad after all.

EV Foolery

I love the idea that all vehicles will one day be electric, even buses and trains… maybe even planes. But has anyone ever stopped to wonder where a majority of our ‘electricity’ actually comes from? It’s not from solar panels. It’s not from wind turbines. It’s not from hydroelectric power plants nor biofuel. Surprisingly, it is not even from nuclear energy. Sorry to be a buzzkill but fossil fuels are creating 90% of the electricity to ‘charge’ your brand new Tesla. This is a prime example of Green Foolery.

Green Foolery: Climate Change Debunked
Image compliments of

“Let’s make all the vehicles electric to save our beloved planet!”

Shhh… don’t tell any of the climate activists that coal, oil and natural gas produce most of the electricity to charge their ‘electric’ car.

On second thought, did anyone take into consideration that electric vehicles require an additional 30 pounds of copper to manufacture in comparison to an internal combustion engine that runs on gasoline? Have any of the climate activists thought about where in the world we are going to get all that copper?

Apparently, they must have missed the memo that this planet is running into serious resource scarcities. And if they missed that memo, then they certainly are unaware that global copper grades are in decline and the demand for this industrial metal far exceeds what will necessitate the mass EV initiative.

Green Foolery: Climate Change Debunked

Reality Check, Please!

At the end of the day, it’s time that climate alarmism gets hit with a hard reality check. The climate of the earth has been in flux for billions of years since its inception. And the climate of earth will continue to change due to influences of which humanity has no control.

In the name of climate change, activists are calling to preemptively eradicate the use of fossil fuels before a renewable and sustainable energy infrastructure is fully operating on a global scale. This would be a fatal error. And again, a direct result of Green Foolery. If we truly want to create a sustainable planet, then we need to do away with the alarmism and start focusing on the big picture.

It certainly makes you take a step back- and wonder what the world might actually accomplish if we started once again to think for ourselves. Innovation is spawned from the creative freedom of thought to conceptualize something for the greater good of humanity.

No matter what country you reside, no matter your ethnicity, race or gender…

The most important basic freedom that every human being is entitled to:

The right to think for yourself!

Sadly, this modern day lack of both internal and external inquisition turns humans into ‘sheeple.’ We don’t question what ought to be questioned. We just believe what we see on social media or hear on the news. Much of humanity is cruising through life on auto-pilot. Dazed and confused sheeple just following the herd. Distracted by all the drama in the world, we have failed to notice that our shepherds (world leaders) are leading us (en masse) off a proverbial cliff.

Green Foolery: Climate Change Debunked

The real existential crisis that humanity faces… We have largely forgotten how to think for ourselves. And that’s a warrant for true ‘alarmism’.

Accomplishing the magnificence of a totally sustainable world, powered by renewable and clean energy is an awe inspiring goal for humanity. If our goal is to level up, let’s stop fighting amongst ourselves and simply cooperate. Collective consciousness combined with the most brilliant minds across the globe could come together to build the New Earth.

Lest we forget, we are the human race, global citizens sharing the same planet. And the last time I checked, this tiny blue-green planet is our only home. If we invest our time, money and resources into a renewable global infrastructure instead of wasting billions of dollars on futile wars, we might not look like complete fools when the year 2050 rolls around.

Green Foolery: Climate Change Debunked
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