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High Inflation May Be On The Horizon For The U.S.

High Inflation May Be On The Horizon for the United States

In the end, the pandemic will likely accelerate the timeline for commodity scarcities. At the same time, it has strengthened China’s relative position and its ability to achieve its goals, including a gold-backed monetary system, with the West less able to push back.
Investing In Commodities - The Wise Investment For Your Financial Portfolio

Why Are Commodities a WISE Investment For Your Financial Portfolio?

You might ask why the rising trajectory of commodities this century has largely escaped notice. The likeliest answer is that prices for mining company shares as well as the underlying minerals tend to be very volatile. The volatility in commodity stocks makes it feel like the commodities themselves are doing more poorly than they actually are.
Radical Change Coming to the Global Economy- Dr. Stephen Leeb

The Radical Change Coming To the Global Economy and How To Invest

The radical change coming to the global economy- and the investments you need to make sure you stay ahead of the curve.
What is a Bitcoin Double Spend and What Countries Mine the Most Bitcoin

What is a Bitcoin ‘Double-Spend’ and What Countries Mine the Most Bitcoin?

Bitcoin may rise more over the shorter term. But longer term I see no chance it will hold up as a store of value – as an asset that, for instance, might compete with gold, whose long-term prospects I believe are sensational.
Gold Has Exceeded S&P 500 By 5 to 3 Ratio Over Past 20 Years

Gold Has Exceeded S&P 500 By 5 to 3 Ratio Over Past 20 Years

'Buy Gold, Buy Commodities, Ensure Your Financial Welfare by Ignoring the a-typical advice of your financial advisor who tells you to diversify your investment portfolio in a 60/40 manner.'
Dr. Stephen Leeb PhD, Referred To As The Winston Churchill Of The Finance World

The Winston Churchill Of This Generation – Dr. Stephen Leeb

Eric King and Dr. Stephen Leeb Discuss Bitcoin Fallacies, Commodity Investing and Simply Why You Should Ignore The A-Typical Advise of Your Financial Advisor
Bitcoin, Tesla, Cryptocurrency, Elon Musk

Bitcoin and Elon Musk… Love Affair turned Fatal Attraction?

Does Elon Musk know something I don’t? I have no doubt that he does – but probably not about Bitcoin.

Copper – The Best Commodity Investment for 2021

In late January, General Motors made a dramatic announcement: By 2035 – a mere 15 years from now – it will have entirely phased...

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