The Oil Factor

Protect Yourself – AND PROFIT – from the Coming Energy Crisis

New York Times Best Seller!

Dr. Stephen Leeb believes the U.S. economy is headed for a significant fall resulting from a severe shortage of oil, which has been inextricably tied to the economy for the past 30 years. Leeb, author of several books including Getting In on the Ground Floor, believes the United States must become less dependent on oil imports over the long term.

Dr. Stephen Leeb advises individuals to choose investments based on the longstanding relationship between oil prices and the stock market. He has a number of solid observations based on an examination of the past 40 years of stock performance and oil prices:

“Since 1973, the economy and stock market have danced to oil’s tune. Sharp rises in oil prices have led to recession/stagflation and plummeting stocks, while declining prices or prices that are just mildly up-trended have led to good times.”

‘The Oil Factor’ provides a great deal of historic context and analyzes industries, selected companies, and other investment choices such as bonds and Treasury notes. Dr. Stephen Leeb’s thesis is well researched, and the book offers a solid, concise overview of the economy and stock trends. Still, given the uncertainty of the stock market and the lack of job security- readers should consider Leeb’s strategies carefully before overhauling their portfolios.


World Renowned Economist, Top Wall Street Money Manager & Finance Expert, Dr. Stephen Leeb Ph.D.
Dr. Stephen Leeb, Ph.D.

Stephen Leeb is a prolific author, investment adviser, and money manager who has been analyzing financial markets for more than 40 years. Known for his prescience in connecting the dots among hidden or overlooked trends-macroeconomic, scientific, and geopolitical. Accurately describing the investment implications, often going against conventional wisdom. Author of nine books on investing and geopolitical trends including his most recent book, China’s Rise and the New Age of Gold: How Investors Can Profit from a Changing World (2020, McGraw-Hill Education). Senior Editor of the award-winning investment newsletters The Complete Investor and Real World Investing, published by Investing Daily. Stephen is the Founder and Research Chairman of Leeb Capital Management- a wealth management firm based in Manhattan, New York.