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How Far Will the Fed Take It?

Why it’s insane to insist on 2% inflation...

Investment Portfolio Diversification: Gold Is A Vital Asset

When you look at gold and fluctuating spot prices, you have to be invested for the long term.

Investing In Commodities Is Essential For All Investment Portfolios

Today's Episode... Who Imagined Investing In Commodities Could Be FUN & Profitable!

Stock Market Crash 2024… What Will This Year Bring For Investors?

The stage is setting for what economists are calling a ‘monetary reset’

The New World Order Will Be Backed By…

Unfortunately, you don’t know who is swimming naked until the tide goes out.

2024 Economic Forecast: Peace or Chaos?

The year 2024 is shaping up as potentially one of the most consequential in human history…

Money You Can Trust

Why does gold hold its ground so well in almost any economic and political environment?

DNA Research Suggests Common Ancestry Among Arabs and Jews

The differences between Arabs and Jews exist almost solely because they follow different forms of monotheism...

Moonlighting: Working 3 Jobs Is The New Norm

Why are people so dissatisfied with what 'seems' to be a healthy economy?

Why Are Financial Advisors Ignoring Top Performing Investments?

Financial investing expert, Stephen Leeb, explains that gold has been a continuously top-performing commodity and will continue to perform well in the future.

Market Pulse- U.S. Economy Spiraling Out Of Control

How Can The U.S. Manage To Avert A Financial Crisis?

The Solution To Climate Change Is Very Simple… Find Out Why!

How Bamboo Can Mitigate Man-Made Carbon Emissions...

The Destruction of Western Civilization

Love of money is at the root of all evil...

The Building Blocks Which Create Out-Of-Control Inflation

Inflation is a silent tax that every single American is paying for... BIG TIME!

The “Super” Plant That Could Save The World From Man-Made CO2

What You Don't Know About The International Panel On Climate Change...

Russian Coup Hoax Exposed!

Don't be misled… What you're seeing is Russia amidst a power grab for control intrinsically...

Jeffersonian Democracy: What Is Sacred Versus Secular

In my lifetime I have witnessed the devolution of America from a brilliant star that in every arena shone brighter than any other nation......

The Eternal Battle between Good and Evil…

"There must be a revolution... Not a revolution in the streets, but in the minds and hearts and souls of our people..."

World Renowned Economist; Stephen Leeb Warns This Global Collapse Will Be...

In this fast-changing world several trends have emerged as long-term realities. A handy acronym might be: ICAG, standing for inflation, commodities, and gold. Multiple...

America’s Decline And The Spawn Of De-Democratization

The increasing need to go to such extremes in an attempt to cement American hegemony is not coincidentally directly related to our country’s failings.

Investing INTEL

Money You Can Trust

Money You Can Trust

Why does gold hold its ground so well in almost any economic and political environment?
Why China & Russia Avoid Involvement In Middle East Conflict

Why China & Russia Avoid Involvement In Middle East Conflict

It’s futile to propose the question as to which side is more in the wrong. The right question is; what is the solution?
Shocking Truth About the Ukraine War

Shocking Truth About the Ukraine War

While humanity is indulged in convoluted political schemes, we are living in an upside-down world...

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