gold prices

Gold Prices Will Soar

A New Global Currency On The Horizon

It’s a given that gold will be an important part of a new global currency. So these stakes are extremely high. Now it’s not clear to me who might me trying to hold gold back. The Chinese will benefit if gold takes off and they get rid of the dollar as a reserve currency. That means you get rid of all the sanctions. The Russians and Iranians will benefit. These are the people that will benefit. These are the people that want gold to supplant the dollar.

But mark my words, Eric, there will be a catalyst that sends gold Prices flying. It will send the price of gold to where people will say ‘we’ve got to watch out because no one will want to hold the dollar.

If gold starts flying, the dollar will start crumbling and it will be a whole new ballgame. And it will surprise people because they are kind of writing off gold now. And when the real run in gold comes it’s going to be spectacular. It’s not going to stop at $2,200 this time. It will probably go to $3,000 or $4,000. It may back off a bit after that but I’ve always said gold is headed for at least $20,000…

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