Why Is It Imperative To Own Gold?

During a recent interview on King World News, Eric King referred to Dr. Stephen Leeb as the “Winston Churchill” of this Generation. That’s not a compliment you hear everyday, especially coming from Eric King.

During this exclusive interview, Eric King and Dr. Stephen Leeb Discuss Bitcoin Fallacies, Commodity Investing and Simply Why You Should Ignore The A-Typical Advice of Your Financial Advisor.

Dr. Stephen Leeb discusses his views in regard to commodity investments and the reasons why it is imperative to the success of your financial portfolio.

“Own gold, own silver, own commodities…. you must absolutely invest without any questions asked; Own it for your sake, your families sake, for everyone’s sake- own GOLD!”

What does “double-spend” mean in regard to Bitcoin?

China accounts for a significant portion of Tesla’s revenues and going forward will probably be by far the most important country for EV’s. Worth mentioning is that Bitcoin is a threat to China’s introduction of it’s e-Yuan digital currency in Hong Kong. I have little doubt that China, if it must, will cease mining the currency or create a condition called a “double spend” which would effectively ruin Bitcoin’s ecology. A double or multiple spend effectively creates counterfeit Bitcoin and can only be effected by a majority of miners. Though China- which does approximately 65% of the Bitcoin mining could create this condition on their own, the Chinese government would likely say it was the miners- not us. They could argue the Russians and Iranians also participated in what was internecine warfare (wink, wink).

Recently Bloomberg published an article that reports that Elon Musk has been “summoned by Chinese regulators to answer complaints about quality and safety issues with its cars.” Perhaps, it is China vs. Musk. In today’s world, China is very much the new version of city hall, metaphorically speaking.

The Winston Churchill Of This Generation

Eric King’s commentary…

His latest book, China’s Rise and the New Age of Gold: How Investors Can Profit from a Changing World, author Stephen Leeb the “Oracle” of macroeconomic trends shows you how to profit from China’s rising place in the global economy. He is the first to predict that by far the biggest opportunity will be in gold, as China’s rise precipitates an unprecedented bull market that will propel gold’s price to at least $5,000–and possibly up to $15,000–an ounce.

For the past 25 years, Dr. Stephen Leeb has predicted one major trend after another, from the collapse of the dotcom boom to oil topping $100 in this century’s first decade. In this timely book, he draws from his vast knowledge of macro-economic trends and current market conditions to fully explain China’s plans to launch a new monetary system centered on gold that will replace the global dollar-based monetary system. He provides you with the tools needed to invest in all things gold, from the metal itself to gold mutual funds and ETFs, to individual mining companies. You’ll find everything you need to profit from China’s rising economic position.