China’s Warning To The World- Part 1

China's Warning To The World: A New Monetary System

This exclusive interview features world renowned economist Dr. Stephen Leeb, New York Times best-selling author, investment advisor, and money manager.

He discusses the rise of China, the emergence of China’s Digital Currency, the transition from fossil fuels to green energy, and why a new monetary system is in the cards.

Highlights from Part 1:

How the continued ascension of China as an economic powerhouse will lead to a new gold bull market sending gold to $15,000 per ounce?

Will China’s intention to deliberately control its growth have a negative impact on the world?

How is China leading the way in Central Bank Digital Currency? #CBDC

Is gold-backed Central Bank digital currency in the cards?

Could China’s transition to a digital currency be the catalyst for gold to rise?

China's Warning To The World: A New Monetary System


01:39Gold to $15,000?

09:59China Trying to Control its Growth

17:11Gold-Backed Digital Currency

17:45Today’s Technologies

21:31Oil Shortages

28:18Gold to rise?

28:43Watch Part 2

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