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Quantum vs. Exascale Computers- The Pinnacle of Information Technology

The next generation of supercomputers are already making headway...

Russian Coup Hoax Exposed!

Don't be misled… What you're seeing is Russia amidst a power grab for control intrinsically...

Jeffersonian Democracy: What Is Sacred Versus Secular

In my lifetime I have witnessed the devolution of America from a brilliant star that in every arena shone brighter than any other nation......

The Eternal Battle between Good and Evil…

"There must be a revolution... Not a revolution in the streets, but in the minds and hearts and souls of our people..."

World Renowned Economist; Stephen Leeb Warns This Global Collapse Will Be...

In this fast-changing world several trends have emerged as long-term realities. A handy acronym might be: ICAG, standing for inflation, commodities, and gold. Multiple...

NATO’s Involvement In Ukraine As Perilous As Cuban Missile Crisis

If you are going to govern, you have a sacred responsibility to preserve basic human rights and needs, lest you participate in the destruction of humanity.

Here’s Why Every American Needs To Wake Up And Pay Attention

The Ukraine War will likely go down in history as a point of inflection, the tipping point that solidifies a dramatic change in how the world is governed and resource wealth distributed…

America’s Decline And The Spawn Of De-Democratization

The increasing need to go to such extremes in an attempt to cement American hegemony is not coincidentally directly related to our country’s failings.

Global Elites: The People Who Are Really Running The World

While the aim of these world elites is superficially changing governments from authoritarian to democratic, the pursuit of democratic ideals is a sham, a cover story for pursuing American hegemony.

Advancing U.S. Global Leadership In Nanotechnology & Semiconductors

Aside from the incentive provided by the CHIPS and Science Act, there are a few more reasons why investors might want to remain bullish on semiconductor stocks in 2023 and beyond...

It Only Takes One Maniac To Create Armageddon

I doubt there are many Americans – even those with vivid memories of this event – that have any idea how close we came to worldwide annihilation.

The Major Existential Threat To Modern Civilization

The longer these global problems are allowed to fester, the more difficult they become to solve...

The Catalyst That Will Send The Price Of Gold Flying…

This time around folks… It’s a whole different ball game and the stakes are extremely high.

Global Mad Dash Toward NetZero Greenhouse Emissions

China has been accumulating tremendous amounts of oil, energy, and commodities for a reason. For author and investment advisor Stephen Leeb, Western countries are shooting themselves on the foot by slashing fossil fuel consumption.

The Real Threat This World Is Facing… Commodity Scarcities

Will the planet have the commodities required to create globally sustainable, renewable energy sources?

How Many Men Does It Take To Destroy A Nation?

The SCO is stunning evidence that even among bitter political and religious animosities, harmony is possible in the context of shared economic growth…

Russia And China Are Now Running The World

The SCO, with Russia and China among the key players in an organization now numbering more than half the world’s population...

Gold, War And The All-Important Crossroads For The U.S.

Gold, War And A Doomsday Clock Ticking August 11, 2022 (King World News) – Dr. Stephen Leeb: Russians Continue To Roll, Will Take Odessa Soon As for...

Best Investments For 2022 And Beyond…

The only other things outperforming gold are other commodities...

Putin Has The Russian Economy Booming – The West Is In...

If the economy starts slowing while inflation is high, the Fed will have to resume quantitative easing...

INTEL for Investors

Why Should Gold Be A Vital Asset In Your Investment Portfolio? by Dr. Stephen Leeb, Ph.D.

Investment Portfolio Diversification: Gold Is A Vital Asset

When you look at gold and fluctuating spot prices, you have to be invested for the long term.
Who Imagined Investing In Commodities Could Be Profitable and FUN! by Dr. Stephen Leeb, Ph.D.

Investing In Commodities Is Essential For All Investment Portfolios

Today's Episode... Who Imagined Investing In Commodities Could Be FUN & Profitable!
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Stock Market Crash 2024… What Will This Year Bring For Investors?

The stage is setting for what economists are calling a ‘monetary reset’

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