Will The Financial Markets Survive The Impending Government Shutdown?
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Dr. Stephen Leeb, Ph.D Discusses The Current U.S. Financial Markets

FBN’s Exclusive Interview with World Renowned Economist and America’s Top Money Manager

Leeb Capital Management’s CEO Dr. Steve Leeb alongside FBN’s Charlie Brady, Liz MacDonald and Charlie Gasparino discuss why President Trump’s tax overhaul and strong economic growth are likely to bolster the markets, even amid an impending government shutdown. This could have a dramatic ripple effect on the U.S. financial markets.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Stephen Leeb has been providing investors with advice and analysis that frequently has bucked the conventional wisdom while proving remarkably prescient. His seven previous books include Defying the Market (1999) – which predicted the dot.com bust and urged investors to buy gold, then trading below $275 – and Red Alert (2011), which warned China was outmaneuvering the U.S. in acquiring essential resources. Stephen’s approach to analyzing trends is informed by academic rigor, reflecting his degree in Economics from the Wharton School of Business and his Masters degree in Mathematics and Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Illinois. He is editor of the award-winning publication The Complete Investor and chief investment officer of Leeb Capital Management in NYC. 

Expect A Massive, Historic Bull Market In Gold


Dr. Stephen Leeb is a prolific author, investment adviser, and money manager who has been analyzing financial markets for more than 40 years. He is known for his prescience in connecting the dots among hidden or overlooked trends – macroeconomic, scientific, and geopolitical – and accurately describing the investment implications, often going against the conventional wisdom. He is the author of nine books on investing and geopolitical trends including his most recent book, China’s Rise and the New Age of Gold: How Investors Can Profit from a Changing World (2020, McGraw-Hill Education). He is founder and editor of the award-winning investment letter The Complete Investor, published by Investing Daily. Stephen is chief investment officer of Leeb Capital Management in NYC.

Dr. Stephen Leeb Ph.D.