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What Assets Have Outperformed the S&P 500

Interest rates are near zero, combined with metals such as copper, nickel, zinc, and iron ore all trading at the highest levels in over a decade. Commodities are skyrocketing… what is happening is very clear; the world is changing.

Copper, Silver & Iron Ore have all outperformed the S&P 500 as top performing assets.

Everyone keeps asking me “what is happening with gold?” And my answer is this…

‘Gold exceeded the S&P 500 by a 5 to 3 ratio over the past 20 years. Undoubtedly, you can expect that ratio not only to repeat itself, but to repeat on steroids over the NEXT 20 years.’

It is your fiscal responsibility to own ETF or physical gold and silver bullion, amongst various other commodities because it is your insurance policy (metaphorically speaking). Do it for yourself, for your family, for the state of the economy, for everyone!

S&P 500 - Gold Has Been A Top Performing Asset

My latest book, ‘China’s Rise and the New Age of Gold’ delves deeply into the discussion of gold, commodity investing and the future of the financial and investment landscape.

Even if you don’t buy my book, simply take heed to my warning:

“Buy Gold, Buy Commodities, Ensure Your Financial Welfare by Ignoring the a-typical advice of your financial advisor who tells you to diversify your investment portfolio in a 60/40 manner.”

This kind of financial advice is old programming no longer relevant to the current global economic climate and will ultimately result in potential financial peril. We make money by thinking for ourselves, acting for ourselves and listening to the irrefutable research which is screaming at the top of it’s lungs: Buy Gold.