Today, one of the greats in the business warned that the West is manipulating gold like crazy because it is desperate.

June 30 (King World News) – Dr. Stephen Leeb: 

“Gold is a much more important metal than people realize. Gold in virtually every culture and every religion in the world is considered a sacred metal. Gold is the one thing that allows you to tie together money with something that is sacred.”

What this country has done is wiped out all sense of what is sacred. The last president that I know of who ever referred to God in a speech was John F. Kennedy. And like the Bible says, “Money is the root of all evil.” When we took gold out of the equation, we allowed our country to run wild. Gold is sacred. It’s a spiritual part of every religion, from Judaism to Buddhism to Islam. Gold is sacred. And if you are backed by gold, you are backed by something sacred. I can only say this to everybody: own as much as you can. It’s being manipulated like crazy because the West is desperate. A new world is coming in which…to continue listening to Stephen Leeb discuss everything from war to the gold and silver markets.