Price of Gold And Suppression In Precious Metals Markets

Currently, commodities are soaring while gold is trailing. WHY?

This time around folks… It’s a whole different ball game and the stakes are extremely high. If gold starts performing extremely well (which is inevitable) it will give people the idea that gold should be accepted as a currency rather than the dollar.

There are covert powers that want gold to supplant the dollar and they are creating a lot of short positions on the part of people in the U.S., etc., who want to also see gold lowered.

However, let me lay it on the line. GOLD is the ONLY rival to the DOLLAR.

Who Is Suppressing The Price Of Gold?

When we attempt to hypothesize the ‘powers that be’ suppressing the price of gold… well it doesn’t take Einstein level genius to start following the breadcrumbs.

Let’s begin by a process of elimination, while quashing other hobgoblin theories.

Gold cannot be taken out entirely by Bitcoin or other digital currencies. If gold starts outperforming, it’s a given that it will be an important part of a new global monetary system.

We certainly can’t blame the Chinese. After all, they would certainly benefit if gold takes off and the dollar is no longer a reserve currency. Under those circumstances, that means United States dollar hegemony collapses and sanctions disappear.

We can’t blame the Russians or Iranians because they would undoubtedly benefit with the eradication of the petrodollar, which is already being usurped by trade in gold and sovereign currencies.

That leaves only one common denominator and that is the United States Federal Government. If gold is the only true rival to the dollar, then the Fed combined with central banks are the culprits of the suppression of gold and precious metals markets.

We’ve shot ourselves in the foot with erroneous sanctions which have only helped to cripple the economies of our already struggling European allies. The United States has cornered themselves on a lonely, geopolitical island. And there’s no one coming to help.

When a nation falls, so does it’s fiat currency.

Mark my words, this will be the catalyst that sends gold flying!

It will send gold to a point where people will not want to hold the dollar. When gold starts flying, the dollar will start crumbling and it will level the playing field. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

Likewise, it will surprise people because gold investors have been writing it off. The real run in gold may start two months from now or two years from now. But brother, when gold takes off, I anticipate its first support hold will be at $2,200.

It could even go to $3,000 or $4,000 and then back off. But eventually, which I’ve always forecasted, gold is headed for at least $20,000. Maybe more.

Economic Conflict Turning Hot

The only thing that could throw a curveball at my prediction- is a conflict between Russia, China and the United States. Simply put, I know that gold is the only thing you’ll want to own in that kind of scenario. If a hot conflict were to arise between these superpowers- take your gold and bury it.

Now, I’m praying that kind of scenario wouldn’t occur. Rather, I think that gold will become the backdrop for a new monetary system that allows commodities to be distributed in a fair and meaningful way and the world can evolve in a sensible fashion.

What’s Driving Other Commodities?

This planet is facing a real existential crisis here. And the crisis isn’t climate change folks, it’s global resource scarcities.

The amount of solar energy we’re going to need in this world, if we’re going to survive as a planet – as a civilization – it’s going to be enormous relative to the amount of silver we have. It’s not clear whether there’s enough silver in the ground yet to be mined to fulfill that demand.

What’s happening is simply unprecedented. For instance, lumber has virtually tripled in price. And everybody is saying there’s no inflation. Copper has gone up three or four times and everybody is saying there’s no inflation. We need lumber to build all the houses that people are buying. Nonetheless, the world needs copper for industrial uses.

Whether you believe in climate change or not- regardless it’s unlikely that we will have enough commodities to develop the developing world. Lest we forget that 85% of the planet is considered ‘undeveloped’ territory. If our intentions are to build out a global smart grid infrastructure- it will require a massive amount of commodities.

How in hell’s bells are we going to finance that?

The world can’t exist with 85% of the planet repressed and undeveloped if our vision for humanity is to create a sustainable, renewable infrastructure for the entire planet.

Not to mention, the entire credit system doesn’t make sense. Throw that as fuel on top of climate change alarmism- and the demand for commodities over the next 20 years is going to be phenomenal.

The Stakes For Gold Are Extremely High 

It’s not an accident that commodities, in general, have shot up to this point. The expectations for commodities are incredibly strong. What doesn’t coincide is the lagging price of gold, never lagging to this extent.

Why is this happening?

Because gold is being set up – in my opinion – to take over the role of the dollar. Although, if it starts happening too fast, people might not be prepared for it.

The only way you can manage this commodity boom that’s happening is by backing it up with a monetary system which includes gold.

Dating back thousands of years- gold has always been prized by humanity and utilized as a currency. Plus, gold has very little industrial uses that cannot easily be replaced by another metal such as silver or copper. Gold is not a metal that is consumed like other commodities like oil or fossil fuels. All of the approximate six billion ounces of gold that has been mined up to today’s date… Still exists on this planet!

So, my message to investors out there… Don’t be frustrated with the suppression of gold and silver prices. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Use the current gold and silver price decline as a gift to buy more of it right now!

Final Thoughts…

The Danger Of Meddling With Crypto

And if for any reason you’re tempted to buy Bitcoin, don’t! 

Have you made money in Bitcoin?

Listen, I’m not saying that Bitcoin can’t go to $100,000k or $200,000k for that matter… it most certainly can. But the higher Bitcoin goes, just keep this caveat in mind:

If you feel comfortable investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you are certainly entitled to make your own investment decisions, based on personal opinions and evaluations.

As of the publication of this article, the global crypto market currently has an $800 billion market capitalization. Imagine if someday it has a $10 trillion market capitalization that is destroyed in a week. If something like that were to occur, the tsunami wave of financial devastation would tear apart the global economy. Stay away from Bitcoin. You don’t know what forces are meddling with it.

If you don’t believe me, just go back to the year 2000 and think about all the tech stocks that you missed out on. That is… Until they went down 80 or 90% and the rest went bankrupt! The potential of what could happen with cryptocurrency could be even more nefarious.

Bringing Things Full Circle

Even if I’m dead wrong on gold- don’t omit silver from your portfolio. It’s an industrial commodity the world desperately needs for technology. If you have a computer in front of you… You’re using silver. If you have a cell phone in your hand… You’re using silver.

Silver is one of the best conductors of both electricity and heat in the world. You can’t build a photovoltaic cell or a solar panel without it.

And, if for some reason you think I’m crazy when I say you’ve got to own gold because it’s going to be an essential backdrop of the new monetary system… Buy silver instead.

It’s a necessity right now to have both gold and silver in your portfolio.